Paying for Permit Expediting and Processing Made Easier

The Expense Account

These days, building departments ask for a myriad of fees to complete the permit process. We realize that it often takes foresight, and it is simply not always possible to have all the necessary checks from you to meet the varying needs to complete the permitting process with the different municipalities. This is why Gulf Coast Permitting has established the Expense Account.

Please take a moment to read the below description of this incredible program!

The Expense Account program was established to alleviate time lost and unnecessary pressure on the client. Using our Expense Account eliminates the constant need for your company to provide our Expeditor with multiple, individualized checks to cover your permit fees.

As we're sure you are aware, each building department has its own set of rules regarding permit charges: i.e. paying on submittal vs. pick-up (or both), correction and revision fees, renewal expenses…even the way in which the check is made payable varies greatly from municipality to municipality!

Additionally, the permit fees that building departments charge fluctuate significantly. These changes are effected by "what" you are permitting. For example, the rates change based on the type of construction, the job value, scope of work, the number of openings being modified, etc. By using the Expense Account, you don’t need to worry about writing checks for the correct amount, for each and every permit or other charge – we handle that. Also, the Expense Account ensures that any unforeseen fees that may arise at the building departments are covered, as needed – and, there is never a time delay due to finances, because our permit expeditors are not restricted to using only the checks you provide. Basically, using Gulf Coast Permitting Expense Account, in lieu of your own company writing checks, constantly save you time.


The Expense Account works as follows:

  • Your company provides Gulf Coast Permitting with a check that is deposited into an expense account.
  • These funds are then used, as needed, to pay for your submittals, pick-ups, NOC recordings, etc. - covering all the services you require.
  • All fees we pay on your behalf are recorded into an automated Expense Account Log specifically designed for your company.
  • This Log is sent to you via fax, email, or dropped off by your Expeditor, upon your request, or whenever your balance is low.
  • Your company will be responsible for replenishing your Expense Account (by providing our Expeditor with a check, or by mail) when your balance is low.

Please note: The monies presented on the Expense Account are fees paid out to Municipalities and Government Buildings. Our service fees will be billed you separately, on Gulf Coast Permitting invoices, approximately twice monthly.